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About Buying
  (1) Once you decide to purchase or make an offer on a domain name you will be directed to a section of the web site where you enter the minimum details necessary for the transfer of ownership of a domain name.

To illustrate's procedure for the transferral of a domain name to a buyer we will use the example of 'Jane Citizen' and her request to purchase the domain name '' for the price of US$950.

The details that Jane Citizen has entered on are as follows:

Name: Jane Citizen
Address: 12 Wing Avenue
City: Sydney
Post or ZIP code: 4702
State: NSW
Country: Australia
Phone: 61-8-48341281

(2) Once Jane Citizen has completed entering these details, we will send an invoice which will read "On payment of US$ 950 Pacific Webs Pty LTD will transfer full ownership of the domain name to Jane Citizen, 12 Wing Avenue, Sydney, NSW, 4702, Australia". The invoice provides both Jane Citizen and with a permanent record of the transaction. will email Jane Citizen the credit card payment procedure. The undertaking by to sell the domain to Jane Citizen is binding provided Jane Citizen pays for within 7 days of the invoice.

(3) Within 24 hours of Jane Citizen's payment of the invoice will transfer the domain to Jane Citizen and email her the user name and password for management of the domain name on the Tucows web site ( This allows Jane Citizen to make future changes to the domain name record - such as changes to her phone number or email address, and to change information on the name servers required for web hosting.

(4) is a Tucows OpenSRS domain name reseller. Our registration renewal fees are US$24 for one year or US$100 for 5 years. One month prior to expiry of we will offer Jane Citizen option to renew her registration for one year or for five years. Jane Citizen has the option to transfer her domain name to an alternative registrar at any time.